Friday, October 1, 2010

The Journey Continues - Fabric Selection...

...for the top band and interior of the "Verna" designer Totse:

One of my favorite "Verna" coordinates, this whimsical paisley just had to be the top band for the totse. (I would just love to bead this fabric but, I'm afraid that with all of the glass beading already on the body of the totse, you wouldn't be able to lift it when finished!) Hmmm...perhaps a totse of its own... (I digress.)

Here's a closer look at this wonderful paisley with all of its swirls and dots and...well, you already know my weakness for these things so let's just say the colors are perfect!

Stay tuned, as you can witness the birth of this totse which will eventually end up for sale at my boutique Poladora.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahhhh...A Walk in the Woods...

...reveals too much rain! Yikes! Our area of WI has had its share of rainy weather and flooding! But out of bad always comes some good...and in this case its an opportunity to shoot some pictures of our remaining surviving morning glories - and yes - mushrooms!

My first thought when I saw this pair of mushroom was "Mommy, please shelter me from the sun!"

Then there was this "family of three"... look closely for "junior".

But probably one of my favorites, this illustrates the underside of the above mushrooms once their heads actually turned up toward the sky, went flat, and eventually fell over from their own weight.

Nature is a beautiful thing indeed...