Thursday, February 17, 2011

Plan B...

For size perspective, glass bead bottle is smallest one. what you do when Plan A falls apart. We went up north for a couple of days and as usual, I dragged along what I thought would be just enough stuff to work on a project for my boutique. Well, I had everything I needed to start work on that vintage/antique watch part(s) that I blogged about earlier - except one. Well, more than one actually...the box that holds all of my hand tools for making jewelry!

Sooooo, I picked up one of those projects in my stash that I started long ago but never finished. You know the kind - the one that started out so fun but ended up to be so tedious. You know, it's like taking too much stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner. You can't wait to dig into it but after a little work on it, you get that overwhelming feeling of "I've had enough!". But there it sits, staring back at you on your plate. And what the first thing that comes to mind? (Besides the starving children in China.) It is "what a waste of good food" - in this case, expensive beads and a lot of labor!

"Twislers" Loops and Sticks Beaded Bracelet (unfinished)
So Plan B it was. And the funny thing? After not having stuffing for a while, you like it again. So I'm enjoying Plan B once again...for a little while, that it - just until I get full again.