Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Glimpse...

...into a project I'm working on for my Etsy shop Poladora, which will open soon!

Now this is not your grandmother's quilt! (I never do anything within the rules.) This is just a sneak peek of a wall hanging (quilt), but with a twist. Well, a few, actually. When finished (not), it will be considered a Nine-Patch Pizzazz. I like to call it my "Veggie Pizza Pizzazz". This quilt will be extraordinary when completed, with its mostly hand-quilting (some machine quilting too), appliques, hand-beading with glass beads from Japan (they make the best beads), the highest quality pure cotton batting, unusual subject (nine-patch pizzazz quilts are usually made from large flower patterns or scenic themes - mine is vegetables!), and the number of (quality) hours that have gone into it (and continue to!)...

Expensive? Yes. But, I have some fabric left and plan to make some fun things that will be less-expensive for those who fall in love with this happy fabric of all veggies. Even though Poladora will be more to the high-end, I will always make an attempt to have things available for anyone's budget, so that everyone can get into the fun of my unusual creations.

I have warned you - "expect the unexpected..." and if you do, you will always be pleasantly surprised.

Smile - it's (almost) summer!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

There's Nothing More Loyal than a Dog...

...or so I thought. That is, until I gave some reflection to what this Memorial Day really means.

"Teddy" aka Mr. Theodore
Yes, my dog is loyal. And, I love him dearly. It's that unconditional love that is so appealing. But, what about the measure of love of country does it take for one to place his/her life on the line for our freedom? Nevermind the politics of where or when or why they get called up for duty - they go. They risk everything for us. This is the kind of loyalty and love that cannot be measured. But it must be honored and admired.

Many of my family members have served their country in one way or another. My grandfather was a disabled veteran, and I never met a man in my family that I loved more. He walked with a cane and a limp for as long as I can remember, but never complained.

My father and uncle both served in the Navy. My father never talked about his service. I wish he had.

My brother served for a very short time in the Navy. He had issues with the necessary discipline of the service. But he tried.

My nephew and Godson served in Iraq - I believe he went on at least two tours - perhaps three. He started out in the National Guard and he carried fuel to the troops. Talk about a sitting duck! He received metals and awards for the amount of fuel he successfully tankered to the theater. He was trained on a 50 caliber armed armoured vehicle to protect these tankers later on. His last mission was due to his volunteering to go in stead of someone else in his local outfit who may have been called back up that had a family (since he's single). He's home now and out - just trying to pick up the pieces and live a normal life (if one can actually do that after serving in some circumstances). After all, he was only 19 (the youngest in his group), when he went to Iraq the first time. But, I'm very proud of his service.

I never served. I wish I had. I think it would have been good for me. It wasn't something popular or even thought of when I was the right age. So I went on with normal life - never giving a thought to what it means to serve something greater than yourself.

When you get older (of course I'll deny I'm actually older now), you think about these things (like Memorial Day), in different ways than you do when you're young.

To all who serve, and to all who have served and paid the ultimate price, I thank you. God Bless You always.