Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Joys of Owning a Doxie...'s called "Doxie Moxy"! And, anyone who owns a Duchshund knows exactly what I'm talking about!

In this first photo, "Daddy" has created a "cave" on the couch next to him for Teddy to sleep in while Daddy watches TV. Well, that also happens to be my spot!

Not lifting his head when I come into the room - he is pretending to be asleep so "Mommy" doesn't make him move! But wait!...the second photo reveals that he is indeed awake and trying not to be noticed! (When have you heard of a Doxie not lifting his head or greeting you when he hears you come into the room??)

Uh-Huh...I can play this I grabbed my camera to catch this little actor and he still did not lift his head! (He also does not want to go outside to piddle - it is snowing after all!)

Putting the camera right in his face - and he still does not lift his head - his eyes are open but he still won't look me in the eye! Now how "Doxie" is this?!

(I'm laughing.)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Attracked to the Flame - Part VI

I just finished taking some finished (annealed), beads off of their mandrels, and thought you'd like to take a peek...

The ones with "fish eyes" and black bumps are a continuing series I'm making for a jewelry project for my boutique Poladora. The other beads are my attempt at some "Christmas" beads.

I wanted to make some wine stoppers for Christmas...I guess I'd better get going - huh?