Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

...OK, I lied. This has been the most depressing winter and (if you can call it that), Spring! Between the tornadoes, floods, torrential rains, name it...I've just about had enough. Am I whining? You bet I am!

Twelve tornadoes hit Wisconsin on April 10th. The worst of them hit the town of Merrill. My heart goes out to anyone there effected - and I'm sure that's just about everyone.

The second worst tornado hit an area where we have two homes. (One we have been desperately trying to sell.) They're in two different towns. But what did the tornado do? It started at one house, and then meandered its way down the creek to our other home that's for sale and did the most damage there. By the way, did you know that when a tornado hits your property, your homeowners policy only covers the structures? That means that when you live in the woods, every tree that's taken out and lying on the ground because of the tornado, is your problem. Sure, the trees that have landed on or in your house are covered for removal, but that just means they pay for the tree to be picked up off of the house and then dropped on the ground. Once it hits the ground, it's your responsibility again! Sigh.

I admit it, we were very lucky. Most of our damage was in the woods and our beautiful trees (not covered, of course), but our homes are standing with only one having minor damage - which my husband has decided to fix himself so he can use the money to deal with the trees - and so it goes. But I have to say, when you live in a wooded area, you would almost rather lose the house than the forest. It will be 30 years before that area looks even close to what it once was. Maybe it's just my age - I don't know.

OK, enough of that! In my reluctant attempt to try and think Spring, I've come up with some springtime colors for my SISSY Secret mini scarves.

These are all "boutique" yarns. Some are soft, some are lightweight, some provide a little warmth on the back of the neck for those all-too-soon air-conditioned places we work at or go to, and some are just fun.

For those who don't know the SISSY story yet, "SISSY" stands for Sensory and Immune System Sensory Yarns and they include yarns from all over the world, and of every origin. The original SISSY concept was to make the SISSY Smart Start Tummy Time Play Blanket for use on the floor for your newborn. Since a baby develops its immune system between birth and seven years of age, I thought it would be beneficial to use such a blanket to allow your baby to spend a few minutes everyday on the blanket to stimulate both his immune system and his sensory skills. With bright colors, a variety of sensory stimulation from anywhere from plain yarn to the most soft and heavenly feeling, it will be interesting to see what each child is attracted to the most.  Yes, you lay it on the floor, you allow the other kids and even the cat or the dog to lay on it. And for gosh sakes, don't even think  about washing it - why you would remove the very things we'd like the babies to be exposed to! As a Grandmother who has seen a rise in childhood Ashma and allergies, I thought this might be my way of helping out. A little. (Not recommended for children who have already shown a sensitivity to allergens.)

There's a whole line of SISSY products on my Internet Boutique "Poladora". The above scarves are something I came up with because I'm always cold and I hate air-conditioning in the summer. These little SISSY Secrets are designed to keep the back of your neck warm (which makes a huge difference - you wouldn't believe it), while making a fashion statement. The "secret" part is that people think you're being fashionable, while you're actually trying to keep warm and comfortable. Hang them around your neck and let them just hang down, tie them in a bow in front, throw one side over your shoulder - there are numerous ways to make your own personal statement. Poladora currently has a wide assortment of SISSY Secret Scarves available in every color and every size. These new ones for Spring need to be finished - such as adding their fringe, etc. - and then they too will be in the Boutique. I hope you like them.