Friday, February 4, 2011

Studio Blow Up...

...Ugh! Why is it that as soon as you get everything organized the way you want it, BAM, a project takes hold and the studio goes cablooy (is that a word)??

This is what happens when you try to work out of two places at once - especially if they're in two different states! Fabrics and sewing machines in one, jewelry studio in the other, oh, and lampwork shop is here...but I can't use it because it's too cold!

Basically, these are just a couple pictures of things that I need to get moved up north and are in temporary position (my sewing machine - one of them - is actually sitting on the dining room table).

I can't wait to get in just one place - but it will have to wait until the end of summer. In the meantime, expect more whining...or is that wine - ing?

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